Duration ca. 8'

Available as symphonic band arrangement


Commissioned by Jeremiah German.

Premiered by the IRIS Orchestra conducted by Michael Stern, Germantown, TN, January 31, 2009.

Other performances: Howard County High School Gifted and Talented Orchestra conducted by Tim Reinhart, December 17, 2009; Columbia Orchestra conducted by Jason Love, March 27, 2010; Concert Opéra de Toulon conducted by Daniel Klajner, April 19, 2013; IRIS Orchestra conducted by Michael Stern, Memphis, TN, March 15, 2014; Concert Opéra de Toulon conducted by Sergio Monterisi, September 27, 2014.


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Saturday night’s IRIS Orchestra concert was a rich mix, weighted toward the traditional but with the brightest spot a premiere performance of Jonathan Leshnoff’s “Rush”. ... As the name implies, bursts with adrenaline and emotion. Its beauty comes from all directions and not all of it frenetic. There are deliciously quiet moments that add to the richness and provide contrast to the overall energy. The composer continues his string of smart, lyrical pieces that never fail to engage.

—Jon W. Sparks, Memphis Commercial Appeal, February 2, 2009