double concerto

for Clarinet and Bassoon

Duration ca. 20' + 1 /str


Commissioned by the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra.

Premiered by the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra conducted by Manfred Honeck, soloists Michael Rusinek and Nancy Goeres, June 6-9, 2019.

Mr. Leshnoff’s concerto, eminently approachable and tonal, comprised three movements: a gently meandering, transparent opening set mostly in the high register of the orchestra and bassoon; a droll waltz that paired the bassoon’s jocular side with muted brass; and a quick, lighthearted romp of a finale built on long chains of virtuosic lines traded between the solo instruments and orchestra...Mr. Leshnoff’s writing bears a songlike smoothness, effectively expressed by the evening’s soloists.
— Pittsburgh Post-Gazette