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Current Commissions

Additional Information
Atlanta Symphony Orchestra
Symphony No. 2
Commissioned by Robert Spano and the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra
November, 2014
Consortium of Orchestras
Symphony No. 3
Commissioned by a consortium of Orchestras (announcement in 2015)
Based on letters from WWI soldiers to their spouses
May, 2016
Manuel Barrueco
Guitar Concerto
Commissioned by the Baltimore Symphony, co-commissioned by the Nashville Symphony, Asturias Symphony and Reno Philharmonic. Performances:
Baltimore • January 9 & 12, 2014
Asturias • May 1 & 2, 2014
Nashville • 2015-16 Season
Reno • 2015-16 Season
Ricardo Morales
Clarinet Concerto
Zohar Oratorio
Announcement in 2015
Radiance, Piano Quintet, In Memory of Christina Tarsell
Bard College and Baltimore performance, announcement in January of 2014