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LESHNOFF, J.: Cello Concerto / MENDELSSOHN, Felix: Symphony No. 1 / ANTHEIL, G.: Serenade No. 1 (Kotova, Chamber Orchestra of Philadelphia, Brosse) (catalog COP016)
Naxos, “American Classics” Series
Symphonic Music of J. Leshnoff, IRIS Orchestra, Michael Stern, conductor (Naxos catalogue number: 8.559670, 2011).
Naxos “American Classics” Series
Violin Concerto, String Quartet #1, Distant Reflections: Baltimore Chamber Orchestra, Markand Thakar conductor, Carpe Diem String Quartet (catalogue number: 8.559398, 2010).
Naxos “American Classics” Series
Chamber Music of J. Leshnoff, IRIS Orchestra (catalogue number: 8.559721, 2012).
MSR Classics
Cosmic Echoes, performed by Steven Hendrickson and William Neil (catalogue: 1155, 2005).